Music ‍‍‍Recordings by‍‍‍ Torin


‍‍‍‍‍‍(31‍‍‍2) 301-8822

[email protected]

‍‍‍M.S. Mechanical ‍‍‍Engineering

Major: Human Computer Interaction

Masters Capstone Project - "‍‍‍JAMTABS" LED Music

Virtual Reality Game Development- "Tone-Blaster" Virtual Reality Shooter Game

Computer Vision - Object tracking using MATLAB and C++

Game Optimization w/ Step Controller - DDR game system testing; reduced cognitive load; Expert vs. Novice research

Google Maps Wireframes - Update designed, tested, prototyped, launched for‍‍‍ long distance driving

Neuro Image Analytics- Cognitive task analysis design, data visualization, neuro image normalization, and conclusion‍‍‍s

Python Programming- Game programming, login creation, HTML manipulation, text file data analysis, API data retrieval, and ‍‍‍RSS feed parsing‍‍‍

Prototyping/ Wireframe‍‍‍s - Created with industry‍‍ leading technology from Axure, InVision, Sketch, and more


GPA: 3‍‍‍.9 / 4.0