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Hi! My name is Torin Hopkins. I have led music technology product innovation, development, research, user testing, licensing, marketing for all products at SolJAMM LLC for 3+ years. Have designed and created VR games, mobile apps, websites and electronic instruments. Strong research background with 8+ years of experience and 4 published scientific articles on topics ranging from music to neuroscience. Developed 10+ wireframes for small businesses including Music Gallery Academy, and SolJAMM LLC. I have also spoken publicly on music technology for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and interest groups including Chicago Counsel on Science and Technology.

*First iPhone Application Driven Guitar

*Affiliate Product Marketing

*Educational Application Development

Product Affiliations


gTar - Incident Technologies

Fret Zealot - Edge Tech

*Manage Products at SolJAMM LLC

‍‍‍*Create natural and functional interfaces



*Product Vision / Planning / Design

*User Experience Research / Design

*Wirefram‍‍‍ing / Prototyping

*Application Development

*Web Design

*Data Analysis and Visualization

Masters Thesis "JamTABS" Website


TKO Duo- Acoustic Pop

‍‍‍Mole Mountain‍‍‍- Rock/ Metal

Other Notable Professional ‍‍‍and Televised Appearances‍‍‍


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Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry.‍‍‍‍‍‍

- Richard Feynman‍‍‍‍‍‍

  • Gumbel, Jason H., et al. "The forkhead transcription factor, Foxd1, is necessary for pituitary luteinizing hormone expression in mice." PLoS one 7.12 (2012): e52156.

  • Jasurda, Jake S., et al. "The forkhead transcription factor, FOXP3: a critical role in male fertility in mice." Biology of reproduction 90.1 (2014): 4-1.

  • Rosenzweig, Sharon, Aaron Freeman, and Torin Hopkins. "Annals Graphic Medicine: 50 Shades of Gray Matter." Annals of internal medicine 162.9 (2015): GM1-GM1.‍‍‍

  • Poster Presentation at The Society for Neuroscience: Douglas D. Burman and Torin Hopkins. “Hippocampal Connectivity to Sensorimotor and Visual Cortex Reflecting Motor Task Demands.” Society for Neuroscience October Edition(2015).  



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SolJAMM Instrument Gear - SolJAMM LLC

HookPAD - HookTheory LLC

UX Masters Thesis

                           Iowa State University | M.S. Mechanical Engineering

                           GPA ‍‍‍3.9/4.0 | Major: Human Computer Interaction

Virtual Reality Game Development- "Tone-Blaster" Virtual Reality Shooter Game

Computer Vision - Object tracking using MATLAB and C++

Python Programming- Game programming, login creation, HTML manipulation, text file data analysis, API data retrieval, and RSS feed parsing

Prototyping/ Wireframes - Created with industry‍‍ leading technology from Axure, InVision, Sketch, and more‍‍‍