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Product: gTar by Incident Technologies

Affiliation: Application Prototyping, Development and Marketing

Events: Chicago Council on Science and Technology, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Projects and Wo‍‍‍rk

‍‍‍Application Deve‍‍‍lopment

‍‍‍Creating prototypes, modeling inter‍‍‍action dynamics, and developing applications with the first smartphone docking guitar

“In an age where computer networks have never been more pervasive, knowledge and inspiration are surfacing everywhere,” he said. “Musicians and engineers are working on the same projects every day, and we are all becoming more and more connected.”

-Torin Hopkins, Research/ Design/ Engineering / Music

‍‍‍(Interview for Chicago Tribune)

Product: HookPAD by Hooktheory

Affiliation: Product Collaboration and Marketing


‍‍‍Combining HookPAD and SolJAMM create a dynamic product pair for faster note recognition and easy melody creation. SolJAMM products can be easily fitted to string instruments an‍‍‍d piano keyboards, while the HookPAD provides an intuitive music notation for quickly learning from a database of over 10,000 popular songs. ‍‍

Product: MuseScore by MuseScore

Affiliation: Plugin Development, Product Collaboration and Marketing



‍‍‍‍‍‍HookTheory and SolJAMM bring the first notation software that is paired with colored instrument gear to create a visually intuitive musical experience. Learning to read and play music can take years for many musicians. SolJAMM products provide visual cues have shown to increase comprehension, speed, creativity and comfort when playing an instrument.

MuseScore is an open source software for creating and sharing musical scores in standard music notation. MuseScore also offers guitar tablature and the addition of open source plugins.

Plugin Development‍‍‍‍‍‍

Plugins were designed to color notes in SolJAMM colors according to the key designated by the score. Published plugins can be found on QML file managers were provided and code was written in Javascript.

‍‍‍MuseScore has one of the most extensive li‍‍‍braries of free open source music. Using SolJAMM plugins, any musician can download a song on and color their sheet music or tab according to SolJAMM colors.

Jam Tabs

Masters Thesis UX Project‍‍‍

Client: SolJAMM LLC

SolJAMM LLC is an alternative method music education technology company. Utilizing on-line videos, instrument gear, music reading assistance, and more to create an approachable music learning experience.


Project Outline